My CBD Haven, Southern Oregon grown Hemp

We have years of experience growing medical marijuana and have decided now to apply our skills directly into hemp plants and products. 

Our interests in making this decision are based on a genuine interest in helping people heal and feel better. 


Hemp is an incredible plant that both provides many amazing benefits and also gives directly back to the soil it's grown in, leading to a more sustainable planet. The capacity of the hemp plant to provide these medicinal benefits and also provide food and fiber products is a tremendous opportunity.

When you buy from My CBD Haven, you are purchasing directly from the farm. There are no brokers or any product manipulation/dilution. You a buying a wholesome, natural, and effective product which you will be able to immediately determine on your own works better.


Our product is a top quality product direct from farm to you.


There are other products in the market that are also great.


Each plant and the final product will have different cannabinoid profiles. These profiles are the relationships between CBD, CBN, CBG, Terpenes and many other molecules. Because of these dynamic properties of hemp and resulting oils, you may get a better response from one profile (plant/oil) than another.* Not only will these profiles vary from plant to plant, but even the same plant may also vary based on different factors during the growth cycle. Trial and error are very important.


There are many products on the market with fancy names, fancy pictures, and bolstered percentages of ingredients. We are not here to dazzle you and make false promises. We are not here to persuade you with fancy sales pitches trying to make a quick buck. NO, we are a down to earth honest company that wants you to feel better! We are here to provide you a product to increase your quality of life and reduce any ailment you may need help with.

It is possible the information above may help you find another CBD product that meets your needs better. There is nothing wrong with that. We are here to help in any form. The quality of our product is excellent directly from the farm, but the profiles of cannabinoids across the spectrum of different plants/oils are so vast it will be up to you to discover what works best.

We truly hope our products are the product that help you the most and look forward to serving you. 


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.